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Supporting Amateur, Student, Outsider & Secret Artists

Your Art Collecting Journey Starts Here

In the past 2 years, our gallery has hosted a variety of artist including solo, themed shows, students, and community members. Most of the work was for sale & we loved connecting artists with buyers, collectors & supporters.

This is something we aim to do more of with an online catalogue of works for sale increasing throughout the 2024/2025 programme. Scroll down to see our work for sale, more artists work to follow.

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Real Art from Real People

Genuine Art made by real people touches us in ways mass-produced pieces can't. It's more than décor—it's emotion, memory, dream & escape! When you support real artists, you show them their vision matters & encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. m a paragraph. 

Investing in us is a shrewd investment for you. 

Not only are you rewarding an artist's bravery to put themselves out there, but you might be rewarded by snagging a future star's work! No Joke - My postman funded his house extension with prints he bought from an unknown artist 20 years ago.  That artist is still famously unknown...yup, he bought very affordable Banksy prints before Banksy was Banksy!


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*The Store section of the website is in development, please check back later to peruse & purchase work. Thank you

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