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"We all end up in some kind of wooden box, so what we do before we get there is exciting and important." 

Rebekah Sunshine

Who Are We
  • Hi there, my name is Rebekah Sunshine and I run The Wooden Box Gallery & Cafe in Ramsgate, Kent.

  • I always wanted to be an artist but due to different reasons I never felt I would be able to pursue that career (or so I believed) until one day I had an 'open & frank conversation' with a very honest friend!  Our 'impassioned' discussion covered a whole range of different topics including art, opportunities, career choices, confidence and class.  

  • That life changing chat made me realise that I was running out of time & I needed to start backing myself.  Basically,I had to put my money where my mouth is! The time had come for me to make some tough decisions about how I wanted to spend the rest of my life before I ended up in the proverbial wooden box!  So, with that in mind & with the help of my good friend, The Wooden Box Gallery was born!

  • The Wooden Box Gallery is a place that forces me to be brave, take chances & push myself to be the professional artist I always said I wanted to be.  But, alongside my own personal journey, it was important that the gallery also offered sanctuary & support to others who found themselves creatively lost or without an outlet for their ideas, research & goals.  

  • It has been an exciting rollercoaster but now well into our 2nd year & along with our new coffee shop, The Wooden Box Gallery is proud to continue supporting amateur & professional creatives of all abilities; regardless of their background, different ways of working, themes or motivation for making art.  Together we are excited to show, see, sell & speak about our artwork & ideas, bringing life to the upper high street, host community events & provide a great venue for the people of Ramsgate to enjoy. 


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