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Who is Rebekah Sunshine?

Personal Profile


Ever since I was a child, I've always been fascinated by people - what they say, what they do, what excites them & what upsets them. This fascination has shaped the Art that I make, my academic research and work as a Cognitive Behavioural & Recovery Coach. In a nutshell, I am very very curious about  'What we show? What we hide? And who gets to decide'.  The WBG is a physical manifestation of that curiosity! Now it is the time for me to start showing, stop hiding & start deciding!



  • Instead, Rebekah Sunshine is an artist of over 30+ years & whose life long obsession has always been people & their stories; in nutshell "What we Show, What we Hide & Who Gets to Decide?" whether that be physical, psychological, social or sexual.

  • Since leaving school at 16, this unending fascination has taken Rebekah on a twisting, turning journey through many different jobs, experiences & self initiated research projects.  These encounters have enabled her to keep financing her art & research.

  • Rebekah's work & understanding continually evolves as she spends regular, intimate & quality time with people who either find themselves or put themselves in 'uncanny, unfamiliar, uncomfortable or outside' situations. Rebekah learns from them, the meaning they give to their situation, choices, actions & outcomes.  From these conversations, photo sessions or events, Rebekah adds, compares & contrasts to their story, her own story of also being an person who finds themselves or places themselves in 'uncanny, unfamiliar, uncomfortable & outside' situations.  This journey has included working with sex workers, working in prisons, working as a health care assistant, setting up a children's arts & wellbeing festival, working in the BDSM/Kink/Fetish community & over the last 8ish years as a Cognitive Behavioural & Recovery Coach. 

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