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Upcoming Shows 2024

Rebekah Sunshine

My Head Revisted

May 23rd - May 30th

Exhibition Open Mon-Fri 11-4

Rebekah Sunshine is a prolific compulsive painter, drawer, writer & assembler of bits.  Some  (most) pieces never are finished, languishing in plan chests, folders, cupboards & bins.  The lucky finished pieces are loitering, lingering around waiting to be given the light of day & respect they deserve by someone else.  This show is of old works & a way of plotting the course from then until now and moving forward, onward, upward, inward and most definitely awkward. 


"Speaking about Pride...."

Join us for a vibrant day of poetry, speaking, reading, and listening! This event is curated by Sugar Rush and is one of the Pride In Ramsgate 2024 Community Stages. 

Saturday June 1st - Tues June 4th

Exhibition Open 11-4

Work will be featured online after the event. Please see social media for more information. 

Throughout the Saturday there will be readings from local poets, writers & thinkers on all topics Pride.  You are invited to listen to the poets or read their words as their words hang from the walls. Take photos of the words to keep or share or add a sentence or two to the ever growing people's poem. 



Poems & Kink Pride Photos exhibition continues until Tues 4th June.

Stephen Ramsden


June 7th - June 16th 

Exhibition Open Daily 11-4

Private View 6-8pm
Fri 21st June

Steve Ramsden's work is a playful exploration of the concept of death masks, a tradition dating back to the 12th century that continues today. These masks serve as a way to remember and celebrate the lives of the deceased.

Steve's fascination with death masks began in his teenage years after seeing an exhibition featuring the death masks of 16th-century Spanish slaves. To him, a death mask can be seen as a traditional photograph, capturing the memories and essence of one who has passed.

Steve uses grogged clay and glaze to imbue a raw human connection between the viewer and his newly created masks.

beach people_edited.jpg

Steve Lobb

June 21st - June 27th

Exhibition Open Daily 11-4

Private View 6-8pm
Fri 21st June

Steve moved to Ramsgate in 2013, where he had many successful art exhibitions and performed his unique, surreal poetry as Emile Sercombe at various events.

Steve's art explored themes like forests, fires, ponds, beaches, fairgrounds, greed, and war. Born in North East London and raised in Surrey, he trained at Guildford and the Royal Academy Schools. He exhibited at the London Group and the Royal Academy, and created environmental structures with Carol Kenna at Alexandra Palace and the Serpentine Gallery. Together, they formed the Greenwich Mural Workshop, focusing on community art projects.

His recent works depicted forests, fairgrounds, flames, and city scenes. He described his work as "of the busy earth, in streets and cafes, on beaches, fairgrounds and battlefields, in lily ponds and the sea."

Steve passed away in Ramsgate in May 2023.

Laleham Gap School

End of Year Show

June 27th - July 4th 2024 

Exhibition Open Daily 11-4

Private View 5-8pm
Thurs 27th June 2024

Laleham Gap School is a thriving and happy school with a strong tradition of providing high quality arts education with the students working towards GCSE & A Level standard. 

The Wooden Box Gallery is pleased to host the end of year show for the students, as they show both themed project work and self initiated study across a wide range of genres & mediums. 


This image is from the 2023 end of year show.

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