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Classes, Workshops, Teaching & Talks

Together in the gallery & cafe we are beginning to offer a range of classes, workshops, teaching opportunities & talks. We offer low cost space for hire for teachers to hold classes that fit their interests & experiences. We are open for one off, weekly or block teaching sessions.  Feel free to drop in for a chat & discuss your plans. 


Life Drawing

We hold monthly sessions for both adults & students. Please check instagram or call in for upcoming dates. always happy to discuss options & new session ideas. 


Art Lessons

We can arrange private or group art lessons catering to all levels of ability & interests. We are always happy to expand our network of teachers/ who wish to offer sessions. 

Fitness Class

Exercise Class Hire

We invite tutors of all backgrounds & practices to use our gallery space to hold exercise classes and social groups. Please get in touch with us with your plans or ask us which groups are available. 


Filming Space

The gallery can be hired for private photo/video shoots, interviews, filmed talks, live streaming, performances, podcasts or group meetings. (Catering is an option too)

Shabby Chair

Coaching & Counselling

We understand that sometimes everyone needs a space to talk, to share, to questions & seek answers. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about these services. Counsellors are welcome to hire our counselling spaces too. 

Group Therapy

Group Working

Our nice quiet comfortable gallery space makes a great place for meetings, talks, workshops & groups to get together.

Please get in touch with us if you need a private space to hold your groups or meeting.  

Get in touch if you want to book onto our sessions or hire the space as a Teacher, Performer, Facilitator, Presenter. 

We are always happy to widen our network of teachers, performers, curators, facilitators, exhibitors & collectors. 

Thanks for submitting!
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