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The Promises


What do we promise?

We know it is easy to be confident & inspired when you are established, connected or making money!

So, we at The Wooden Box Gallery promise (where possible) to champion & support PEOPLE who are :-

  • Starting out, working in secret or are yet to have found like-minded people

  • Working with themes, mediums or styles that they may feel personal, challenging or controversial 

  • Finding that they have lost their flow, their confidence or inspiration

  • Maybe in need of individual or group support to overcome or understand their creative or expressive blocks or insecurities.

  • Wanting to challenge themselves to be brave, unapologetic, uncensored & honest in their creative or personal journey  

  • We at The WBG also promise to be open, honest, authentic & assertive.  We promise to lead by example, being brave to be seen & heard. 

What else do we promise?

  • A wide range of informal, fun & educational gatherings for anyone who would like to make friends, widen horizons, maybe learn something new & share time with others. 

  • We offer exhibition space for people to show their work, hold artist talks, workshops or teaching sessions. 

  • We hold group exhibitions on themes that members of the public suggest would be useful, interesting, educational or provoctive. 

  • We offer space in our cafe & gallery for members of the public to host events that bring people together for fun, creative, social, informative or supportive reasons.

  • The WBG seeks to offer opportunities to help young* artists, curators, entrepreneurs & researchers as they learn their craft & understand their own ways of planning, producing, exhibiting & developing their work. We use the term *young not as a marker of age but rather as a marker of attitude, energy, curiosity, bravery & hope. Therefore, alongside the students of local schools & colleges, we actively welcome applications for exhibitions & projects from creatives of any age & experience. 


What we don't promise...

  • We make no promises that you'll like everything you see or hear, 'understand' it or even be able to afford it. The exhibitions and sessions are about being open to new ideas, themes & hopefully friends. 

  • We don't promise to have all the answers or offer all the facilities that everyone may need.  However, if we cannot, we promise to do our best to signpost you to other groups, classes or professionals that may be better equipped to help. 

  • We promise to treat everyone equally, fairly and respectfully. We believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions, interactions, learnings and leanings.

  • We don't promise to only offer pretty, pleasant or perfect work. Sometimes the triumph of the artwork is the fact that it was made & brought out to the open!

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