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Artist's Profiles & Sales pages are under construction


Sales of Art

Originals, Series, Editions, Prints, Posters 

We want to give as many opportunities for our featured Artists to raise their profile, sell their work, form alliances, undertake research & work on new ideas. 

The WBG encourages Artists to push themselves, challenge themselves & enjoy themselves. Part of that for many is the excitement of selling their work - to receive recognition & financial recompense.

Therefore, it is important to give visitors to the WBG as well as buyers, supporters & interested parties, many different opportunities to engage with, be inspired by & own the art they love in a format that suits their budget & need.

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Artists Profiles

Ongoing Commitment & Collaboration.

The WBG is building a network, catalogue & directory of our featured artists with the aim of increasing opportunities for future sales (even after an exhibition has finished), future commissions, collaborations & research opportunities.

Each exhibition & each artist will have the option to be featured on our social media, be part of our marketing plan & be included in the catalogue.  We invite the artists to hold talks, workshops, study groups & events to promote their work & ideas. 

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Their Art on Your Stuff

For our visitors to the WBG - if you love an image, but don't want it on your wall - then it may be possible to have it on a T-Shirt, Scarf, Napkin, Bag, Mug, Note Book or Sticker.   

If a piece of art, inspires, excites or amuses you; then maybe you can have it in a form that means something to you, that will be used by you & loved by you.  

Please Note this is only a holding  & brief introductory page. A dedicated Catalogue & Sales page together with Artist's Profiles is coming soon.

Thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact us at if you require more information. 

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