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The Wooden Box Gallery & Studio serves as a reminder that we all will end up in a wooden box one day - so how we spend our time & energy before we get there is important!

We have no time to waste with insecurities, fear, bullies, frenemies or foes.

We shine our light, we tell our truth, we make our work & see how it goes.

The Wooden Box is the home to Artist Rebekah Sunshine & many visiting up & coming Artists; young & old, far & wide, none dead & all alive! 

The Wooden Box Gallery is about freedom of expression, personal choice, individual stories & characterful voice.

In our quest to live each day as if it were our last - we are unapologetic, unabridged, unabashed and understandably in a rush.  No pigeon holes or holes in the head, we do what's exciting and are heart driven and inspiration led.

We jump off the cliff, we go hard or go home, pick scabs and chow down like a dog with a bone. 

Pushing ourselves & pushing on - before we push up the daisies. 

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